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January 2009
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zhaydecjk [userpic]
Ya know... its really...


...I think that may be the funniest freaking thing I've ever seen anyone post. Kudos. ^-^

I was shown this by Lore's housemates this weekend, and I was like "LOL wut?"

That.... is vaguely amazing. :D

I want those pants with the feathers on them! I mean just to have them, I wouldn't even wear em!

That outfit was hawt- or, at least, the above the shoulder view was. I have a thing for that shade orange hair- reminds me of Annie Lennox ;D!

I love that movie, Seth Green really plays agreat gay man.

I have to admit, that was kinda more than amazing.

... what I would do to see some of those outfits in person XD

I love that music video ^^ I'd wear anything in it. Awesome outfits.

That was JUST what I needed this morning! Thanks! XD