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January 2009
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zhaydecjk [userpic]
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Okay, my birthday is coming up in January. And let me head off questions, this isn't a request for gifts :P. The shop where I normally get my body mod stuff done has offered me a discount on my next piercing due to all the peiple I bring in to get pierced there (Its been about 12 in the last year). Now I know I want to get a new piercing, but Im not sure what... I want you folks out there in lj land to help me out.

First off we have the lovely the lovely inner conch. I'd be getting it done at about this size, because Im a gauge queen :3

Next we have the Bridge. It looks kinda cool. I'd probably stretch it slightly and wear a procupine quill in it.

The Septum. If I get it, Im going to pierce it at a 6g or 8g and stretch down to a 4g or maybe a 2g. I've always wanted a nose bone, but thats cause Im a dork. Not this big of course, but close

The fourth and final choice, is the microdermal forehead implant. I'd be getting a tiny piercing right on my forehead where the third eye chakra is. Using a single point anchor.

Now I want you all to vote! Which do you think would look the best on me? Post why as well in the comments!
.... Aww crap Im not a paid member anymore, so no actualy pools. But please comment and tell me what you think!


I've always love bridge piercings, but I've heard they can be a little troublesome.

purely aesthetic though? 3rd eye totally.