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January 2009
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zhaydecjk [userpic]

This is how I feel sometimes in Nepal


wow, it's that alien eh?


So basically what you're trying to tell me is that there is no spoon?

Re: Woah

Pretty much, except for the fact that the spoon that you think is there is crazy, like a magical spork thing!

I lol'd.

Yay for culture shock.

D: that's kind of what Cambodia was like. course I wasn't there as long as you're in Nepal.

Eh, I'll be fine. I have to get together with ya sometime when Im back and go through all my photos :3

yes! that would be so much fun :)
you're doing fine though, right? besides all the drama are you having fun just experiencing everything?

Mmmm pretty much. Im just pretty much always exhausted :3

Hi hun, the Internet is down at my dorm so I can't get online. Whoo school computers. Here's a rough sketch of your commission; either comment back or note me on FA to tell me anything to change. Really rough, but hey, it's something!